McGehee Owl

$145.00 $185.00

Want to flaunt your school spirit? There are so many ways to show your school pride and the best way to do it is to hang or display a LightBox that best represents your school - like your team logo or infamous phrase! 

Whether you are looking to raise more funds for your school’s programs, cheering on and rooting for your college football team, or simply want to let people know that you are a proud student or an alumna of Mcgehee Highschool, then this wonderful and one of a kind collection is perfect for you.

Personalize your space, home, office, bedroom,  man cave, tailgating setup, store, or restaurant with a captivating LightBox display for you and for everyone to enjoy!

Stand tall and proud of your alma mater with this custom signage. These items are handmade with exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail using Reclaimed Cypress. Measuring 17" tall by 22" wide, they include a power cord with an on and off switch and are easily placed on your shelf or hung on the wall.

They are a perfect addition to your space. These Lightboxes can set the mood and elevate any area. Sturdy, stylish, and can stand the test of time.

Make an instant statement and impress your visitors with this stunning unique aesthetic for your living space!